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Thread: video card integated

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    video card integated

    hallo i have a problem....
    i use win 98 se and have epia cl6000e and when a tried to view a divx this isn't fluid........the video card integrated is power sufficient for this operation or can i buy a new video card pci(for example nvida geforce fx5200 128 ddr pci?)

    help me

    sporry for my english

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    Not familiar with the epia but a lot of motherboards with onboard video can be adjusted in the BIOS. See if you can dedicate more memory to the video card. Just remember that it will take away from your system memory. If you can't adjust it, basically any video card will improve playback. You could only be running 8Megs right now. The fx5200 is probably overkill.


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    no i have 256 mb di ram and 64 is shared with video card

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    Do you have problems viewing other types of video files? Particularly ones that don't require as much processing power to decode as DivX. If you don't then your problem is probably with your processor not your vid card. Developer (I am Chuck)
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