hey guys.... just wondering if one of you can help me out here

first off, i'm running a VIA EPIA M10000 with 512mb ram on XP and a 7,200rpm 80 gb hdd run by a PW-70A with ITPS board, monitor installed in the centre console and computer in the glovebox. positive feed is tapped into a power cable that runs my sub amp, negative feed is taken to earth by the glovebox. ignition on is taken from ciggy lighter feed

basically, i have four sets of unwanted noise or noise problems.

1) the vga lead to the screen (lilliput touchscreen) seems to be wreakign havoc - whenever i switch on the monitor i get alternator whine and general whine (loudest of the lot) however, whine disappears when i switch source on my headunit, so the problem is occuring before the h/u. it's such an annoying noise that i turn off my screen most of the time when driving around

2) there is a faint (bearable as you can't really hear it with music playing) pure alternator whine present whenever audio from pc is connected (ie source set to aux on h/u) don't midn so much about this one, but would rather it wasn't there

3) a faint tick tick tick of the sound system in time with the engine idle. i assume this increases with the revs but i can't hear it above engine noise. only a problem when drivign purely with gps on (ie no sound playing for majority of time) rest of the time it's not really audible... again i'd rather it wasn't there

4) my USB sound card (creative soundblaster) stutters occasionally of it's own choosing and also lags whenever you open a new menu and majorly lags when you open gps for the first time (streeeetches out the muuuuuusic aaaaaand maaakeees it stut-ut-ut tery) so may try switching back to onboard sound

i've tried running a new earth (short thick cable) for the itps negative output, and run the liliput screen negative to the same place rather than through the ciggy lighter negative... also earthed the itps board (from mounting screws) to the same point.

the end result of all this effort? not a lot....

this is really getting me down.... i was so chuffed when i finished the install, if only the goddamn unwanted noises would go away!