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Thread: Laptop to be used for testing??

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    Laptop to be used for testing??


    I've got my CarPC up and running. Been using for a few weeks now.

    Old IBM PC300GL put into a custom made (wood) case.
    166Mhz, 16MBRam, 40gigHDD, Serial output to 20x4LCD, PS/2 NUM-KEYpad.
    Currently powered via Inverter.
    Running Win98lite, Winamp.

    Question . . .

    Is there any way I can use my Laptop to connect to the CarPC to adjust the WinAmp Equalizer settings? (It's just too cumbersome to bring my 21" CRT down from my home office and into the car).

    I know I will only need to do this once (maybe twice) until I get the settings right - but was wondering if I could use the display on my laptop and connect it to the car.

    I was thinking PCAnyWhere, but have never used it (nor do I have a copy). Is there any other methods? (can I use the serial port as an input?, USB?)

    Any Suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


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    its like PC anywhere, only its free!
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    I sencond the use of VNC, however I recommend TightVNC as it is open source and has a mode to use less bandwidth: Tight VNC Homepage

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    have a pic of the case?
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    I also use RealVNC to connect to carPC to do all kind of configuration. One problem is when PowerStrip doesn't shutdown correctly (PC force shutdown), I can't see a think with PSOne LCD. Wireless and RealVNC save my day
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    I think he is asking if he can connect his laptop to the actual VGA out on the carpc (physical connection) and use the laptop screen to view the signal from the carpc.

    If so, you can't. You need to drag some sort of a monitor (which is why having a small LCD around is really usefull) and do it.

    As as remote access is concerned (which is done over some type of connection) then what they said should work.. and is free.

    Personally i use windows terminal client. XP has this built in because of the remote assistance thing, so you just need the client and can connect to any XP machine. Free.

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