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Thread: n00b question - how to wire sound into my pioneer DEH-6300 when I already have Xm?

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    n00b question - how to wire sound into my pioneer DEH-6300 when I already have Xm?

    sorry if this is a dumb question but how would I wire in sound from my carputer through my headunit if I already have XM radio installed in my auxilary input? I have the XM receiver wired into my head unit via the ip bus. Thanks!

    btw, this is a pic of my setup so far: 1997 Audi A4

    I'm going to be installing the mobo/hd/slim dvd in the rear armrest. I'm planning on molding a custom armrest top to house the dvd player, led fan, usb ports, and some cooling vents. I just have to figure out the sound thing first :-/

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    doesnt your computer have an AUX in? or mic? use the comp then the comp to the pionner or buy and audio/video switch

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    You might be able to re-wire the IPBus cable so you can just mix the aux signal with the XM radio. But i dont know if the reciever will allow the aux to be enabled as the same time as XM.
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    You need something like the CD-RB20 adapter. It allows an IPBus device to be plugged in along with a set of RCA inputs.

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