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Thread: VIA nano ITX?

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    I just saw this board featured on The Screen Savers on TechTV.. Kevin took a brand new MacMini and put one of these babies into it. The one he had was a 1.2GHz, and he said they're slated for release 3rd Quarter 2005... He also said that it gets VERY hot, and does get crashy because of that.. Ventilation is a must with this one. I've been contemplating waiting for one, but considering it's going to be at least another 6 months, and it'll probably debut at double what an M10000 goes for, it's not worth it for me..

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    Ram for EPIA Nano N10000E

    Does someone recommend me a Ram SODIMM of 512 Mb or 1GB surely compatible to 100% with the Epia NANO N10000E?

    I have tried 2 module SODIMM brand A-DATA DDR400 1 GB and also one from 512MB CL3 (PC3200) but when power on , give out the intermittent "BEEP", error of memory Ram therefore... someone who uses the NANO N10000E, verification the Ram that has on board and tells me brand / model, freq. etc...


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