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    Question Sub Distance

    How far should my mp3 player be from my subs, im planning on having 2 12 inch subs but i also want to put my mp3 player in the spare tire well...
    If i make a REALLLLLY cushy enclosure around the HDD do you think it will be ok ? or will the vibration be too much ?

    (The setup is in a 1990 Honda Civic HB)

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    This has been covered many times before. Use the search feature to locate an answer...
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    You cant solve this problem. You comp is gonna get hit no matter where you put it when you crank the stereo. Every part of my truck vibrates when I "bump". I've gone through 2 HD's, but I used to do some serious bumping. Just put it in the most convient spot...back up your songs on a second hd (they are getting cheaper and cheaper). If the HD cuts, put the otehr one in and move the comp. Dont spend much on a new hd. Most new ones have pretty good tech as far as shock protection and whatnot. Any cheap WD 5400 HD will suite mp3 storage needs.
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    FYI i have 2 12 inch kicker compvrs, with my custom plexiglass case sitting directly behind my box and have had absolutley no probs. I found that was the least vibrating place. Hope this helps!! [img]null[/img] [img][/img]


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