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    Post USB HD

    I just got my USB HD in. I figured it was the easiest way to load songs on it, just unhook the USB take it inside hook it up and you're ready to go. And since it's hotswap, that's even cooler. It was a little pricey, $246 for a 10GB, but it appears that the HD is a regular old IDE drive (I haven't opened it up to check yet, I'm still at work). So, it may be possible to stick a larger HD in there in the future.

    It's made by LaCie...never read anything bad about it, so I bought it. I got it from they were the cheapest.

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    They also have a bare enclosure for $86.17 that can hold a laptop (2.5") hard disk and has a USB interface. The cat # is 609748 is anyone is interested...

    I'm 99% sure that you could swap out the drive in the 10GB unit you bought and have it still function -- it's probably just a USB <-> IDE universal interface that can work with any IDE device.


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