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Thread: pc turnon switch?

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    Talking pc turnon switch?

    hi there....
    i am looking for some cool switches...i found this one...
    wonder if this switch will let me use as a pc switch to turn on my pc....
    thanks in advance...

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    yes, its momentary
    CarPC install is starting to come along again...

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    I just found this site ealier this past weekend through another thread. They've got some pretty good stuff there.

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    So you need a momentary switch to turn on/off your computer i take it and this switch will work for that?

    A while ago i was looking into getting that exact switch (the blue one) but 20 bucks... ouch...

    My interest has been sparked again after taking my car to get hand waxed and them leaving the car doors open and the ACC switch on (computer turned on) and my battery died. Its kinda embarissing jumping your car at the car wash.... Luckily I had my optima yellow top in the trunk with some jumper cables.
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    i just ordered 2....
    man they are fast...i just called them and they packed and ready to ship already...
    should get them here soon...

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