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Thread: Help needed, no boot

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    Help needed, no boot

    Ok, normally i would be able to fix this myself, but ive run into a little icon issues. Take a look a this pic and tell me what the hell the icon under the blue led is. Both of these lights are on on my carputer and it wont boot. I cant find the freaking manual that came with it, and they dont have a downloadable version on the manufacturers site.


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    The (Blue) LED is the power light it says on all the time when the computer is turned on. The one on the left is the hard drive activity light it flashes when the hard drive is accessing data. If booth lights are staying on when attpting to boot that indicates
    1. The hard drive may have crashed or the data ribbon is loose.


    2. The hard drive controller built into the motherboard has failed.

    Try unpluging the hard drive data ribbon and see if the computer will boot. You may also want to clear the CMOS by switching the Jumper near the coin cell battery or if you can't find the jumper dissconnect all power and remove the coin cell battery for 10 seconds or so.
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    Nevermind, ive sorted it out. It was the cmos battery. I guess you absolutely have to use brand new ones and not the one you stole out of your remote :0


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