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Thread: 110 degree 200GB drive? is this normal?

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    110 degree 200GB drive? is this normal?

    I started installing windows on a 200GB drive tonight. Went to walmart, came back, checked the boards, then went to continue installing software (i have an autoinstall CD, so windows had probably finished installing about 30 mins ago). I touched the drive and it was HOT! Got out a temperature sensor and it is measuring 110F in an 80F environment.

    Is this normal? This is going in a car, so will a regular old HDD cooler work well enough?
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    That I do not know, lol but I have an additional question...I know hard drives are usually safer than people think...but exactly how hot is too hot for a car computer? Speaking of times while not in use of course, because things can cool down quick inside a car when your actually in it and driving...

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    you CMOS can allow your computer to get up to 110 or 125 degrees inside the case before it will take over and shut down your system off the CPU. milage may vary.

    you may want to get a harddrive cooler or something just to play it safe.
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