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Thread: DVD mp3 playback crackling

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    are your levels going into the headunit too high?
    CarPC install is starting to come along again...

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    hi Grayscale, good point but can you alter the output level of a DVD player or xbox?
    i cant see anything on the headunit to alter the AUX input level either.

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    ok, i know this is dead but i was googleing mp3 dvd crackling and this came up, here's my story...

    I have a dvd head unit that will play anything fine, except when i play mp3's or video's off a dvd. DVD movies are fine though... no cracklin what so ever. it's not the files either as they play fine when burned onto a cd...
    DVD's that crackle play fine in xbox, pc, home theatre system... so i'm guessing my dvd head unit is crap at decoding stuff other then dvd movies from dvd's?
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