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Thread: Good question about Travla C134

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    Good question about Travla C134

    Hi all from Spain,

    May be I will buy a Travla C134 (Din size), but before I have some important doubts:

    1) Can I put a TV car inside (PCI) with the adaptor or it is impossible to fit?

    2) Can I put another HD (3,5") in some way added to the 2,5" from inside with a cable or it is not possible (making a small hole in the case for the cable extension)?

    3)The power supply that it has, has enough power for the other 3,5" HD? (60W) any problem?

    4) I want to connect a tube from the air conditioner to the pc case for cooling it (45 in my town in summer outside), with 2 fans, in and extract fresh air, any suggestion or its not possible.

    Forget my bad english.

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    1) You pretty much loose the pci slot if you use the C134

    2) & 3) You can do that (probably), mount it somewhere externally, but the PS won't be able to support, I don't think.

    4)It is possible, other people have done this, just
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    1) Definitely NO

    2) You can add upto 4 IDE devices on the M10k motherboard. This has nothing to do with the C134. Yes, you'll need to make a hole or find some other way to pass the ribbon cable through. If you don't install a CD/DVD drive, you can use the drive slot opening to pass the cable.

    There isn't room to squeeze a 3.5" drive inside the case. You may be able to get a 2nd or even third 2.5" drive in there if you forgo the Cd/DVD drive AND remote the PSU.

    3) Maybe

    4) make a hole, or use the vent holes already in the case, or run the tube through the drive bay opening. You might have to deal with condensation.

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    Really really thanks
    but one problem, Ive been searching the site about the condensation, and my english is not so good, added that I have no time, exams, so on, could anybody explain me how to delete the condensation please?

    May be its better the Travla C137, because 2 PCIs card with the 90 adaptor could be fixed and I dont need a din size.

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    For big hard drives, take a look at using an external enclosure like this:

    You put your 3.5" hard drive in it, then hook it up to one of the USB ports on your computer. You can put the enclosure anywhere you want in your car, and power it using a relay so that it gets power when your computer turns on (the enclosures are externally powered. On the plus side, this solves your 60watt power supply problem because you aren't using any of it's juice.

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