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Thread: damn lilput noise

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    damn lilput noise

    i did a pratice run for my carpc, had the computer runing from mains from the house and the lilput runing off the ciggertte lighter but I get altenator whine when i turn my liliput on (while my car is on), i turn it off and it goes away. Also lines shoot scross the screen. would powering it from the battery through a 12v regulator help?
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    use the egg that comes with the lilliput, no point in using an inverter to just go back down to 12v in the end. Alternators will alwasy create noise, AC is far more likely to induce in signal cables.
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    there's some identical posts about this - have a

    The lilliput does come with a small regulator on the cig-lighter lead however your problems are more than likely due to grounding issues.

    basically this means that the 'ground' base level voltage from your Car PC is slightly different to the 'ground' level voltage on the Lilliput, and due to the sensitivity of AV equipment it's very pronouced.

    So you also need to make sure that your ground point is good, and that the ground for the Car PC is the shortest route to ground. If it isn't then the grounding on the VGA cable could in theory end up the main ground for you car pc.

    There's a good sticky on this in the audio section that will help on this.
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