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Thread: Building Carputer For Dummies

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    Building Carputer For Dummies

    A few questions

    How do you connect the carputer to the speakers? (in detail please)

    How do you transfer MP3 to the hardrive of the carputer? (without a CD-ROM)

    How can I get radio stations to play threw the Carputer itself? (no Deck)

    P.S. Well from reading some post and looking threw threads, I have come to the conclusion that I'am not experience enough to atempt this project. So I decided to build a PC first and a small shelf MP3 player from my old PC. I'm currently in the processes of reading "Building PCs For Dummies".

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    1. RCA Stereo Y Adapter, plug the small end into the sound card, plug the big end into the head unit's auxilary input, or an amp. Then if you have an amp, run normal speaker wires from the amp to the speakers.

    2. Well you have to hook the caputer on your home network, wirelessly (wireless is very helpful on a caputer) or if you have a usb flash drive u can use that, but its about the same price for a wireless adapter.

    3. Do a search on xtreme-radio, and D-Link Radio

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