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Thread: Fixed disk 0: Fujutsi .....

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    Unhappy Fixed disk 0: Fujutsi .....

    I get this message when i start my mp3computer.
    Someone who knows what this mean?
    My computer cant find my OS either.
    I have checked all cables to the harddrive. Is my HD broken?
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    Check the Bios settings,
    I've gotten this message from Fujitsu drives
    Have the Bios autodetect the drive, if that doesn't change the message then put in the settings manually. The settings are on the top of the drive farthest corner from the power connector.

    It might come down to a bad drive, but they do have a 3 year warranty no questions asked last I checked.

    Good luck
    That's right, you just got passed by a computerized toaster...


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