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Thread: Why you should only buy from the MP3CAR.COM store

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    Thumbs up Why you should only buy from the MP3CAR.COM store

    I just wanted to offer my opinion from experience.

    I just wanted to let everyone know that if you live in the USA, there is no reason not to buy from this site.

    This is why:
    - Support for the site - I have been using this site for 5 years, why not give a little back and support a small business tied directly to the owner/operator. Ziplock has never asked for fees and donations. I'm happy to give back anyway I can. I'm sure he doesn't make a huge profit from the store, but

    - Customer service - I had a small problem with my lilliput and he gave me several great options to replace it for free. He was quick to reply to my emails and I got the new monitor in days. I mean, why the hell would you want to go on ebay and deal with shipping (and communicating) back and forth with Asia. He is also an authorized dealer of lilliput (for warranty purposes).

    -Price - $290 for a lilliput with touscreen plus $8 shipping to NJ. Accepts credit cards and paypal. The cheapest I've seen this is $290 shpped off of ebay, but then again it's ebay.

    - Reliability - Ziplock personally opens every monitor and tests it out. Everyone knows how unreliable Lilliputs are, at least I know its not coming DOA.

    - Stickers - He is including free right now. This may be for limited time, so don't complain if you don't get one.

    I know that we have a huge international presence here and there may be more local distributers, but if you live in the States, definitely buy from the MP3CAR.COM store.

    I also know that alot of people like Digitalww as well. Armen has contributed much to this forum and has also helped resolve customer problems very well. On the other hand, the lilliput is $325 shipped their and you're not really supporting this site.

    Anyway, this is a long post. Again, I have been on for about 5 years now and have seen many people burned on ebay and recently with the lilliput.

    Add some feedback and stories here. Ziplock, you should add more links to the mp3car store around the site/forums. I almost forgot about it when ordering my monitor.

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    It's not really that small...No, seriously. judoGTI's Avatar
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    Yeah shopping here was very easy. I've purchased my Opus and Lilliput here without any issue. Two thumb ups.
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    I bought my Opus 90w from Ziplock.
    Ziplock is a pimp.
    Mine needs to be updated.

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    I plan on getting my touchscreen next week thru Ziplock. I was very impressed with his prompt response to messages when I had questions. Seems to earn the business he gets. Gotta respect that. Gotta patronize that.
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    I bought a Opus 90w from Ziplock.
    I live in Norway, and received the Opus by USPS less than a week later!

    Support this site!
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    i would support.. but there isn't much of a selection of products that i need (ie an 8"+ monitor). so for now, my business will be taken elsewhere for no other reason than ziplock not carrying what i need.
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    My lilliput is on its way now from ziplock
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    I have also bought from this site - both transactions were great. One package, the Opus was especially loved by my toddler because the postage was paid in 37c stamps and the whole box was covered with them! She loved that.

    Cant blame them for advertising on their own site!
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    Talking Quick and great customer service!!

    I ordered mine on a Monday, arrived Tuesday. Works good. He replied to my emails pretty damn quick. By the way, thanks for them stickers.

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