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Thread: bad thing could turn good

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    Quote Originally Posted by bubbrubb
    Are you talkin about the way i responded to dude? Reason i did is because he came in proclaiming he was some car audio sales guru, and his figures were totally wrong. They were 2-3x's the prices i found them for. And im not going to sell my car because someone rear ended me. That makes no sense. If i can get it fixed back to stock and *hopefully* theres no frame damage, then i see no reason to get rid of my car.
    Justify whatever you want, I do not think it is a good practice to ask for comments. Then jump someone for telling you something you did not what to hear.

    My experiance tells me when a car is hit that hard it will not be the same, you do not agree. Good luck and take a chill pill.
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    you can do what ever you like, we are here to help, you don't have to listen to us.

    Its okay, you havent bursted anyones bubble yet. Ive already did research on the equipment that im going to buy, and your figures are WAY off.

    wiring for the radio is about 60 bux and i can have my radio work with my cpc ( )

    ive found 2 12" speakers for about 80 bux, and they sound great. Plus i already have polkaudio 6'9's in my car so i wont need speakers ( ) Im still going to need a box for the speakers tho....maybe ill have get a custom one made, or just throw in some 2 speakers enclosure.

    Found a 1300 watt amp for about 100 bux ( )

    So yeah, im not sure what store you worked at, but you were either REALLY OVER CHARGING, or you used prosumer equipment. Either way, i know what im getting, and its not going to be anywhere close to costing as much as you think.

    Edit: So that would be about... $300 w/ shipping

    but, audiobahn, is only for spl, they are **** when it comes to sq, also you need alot of power to push them.

    also, if you can make that amp push 1300 watt, well, go for it, but that amp is a piece of ****, i will push maybe 300-400 watts rms, but that depends on efficency, and also how you wire it up

    if you are going to do it right, then save you money, get on the internet and read, learn about car audio, and do it right the first time.

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    man i need to goto anger mangagement, my bad peoples. Just felt like everyone was shuting me down, and i guess that wasnt that case. But anyways, yeah, the subs hit hard. When i heard them, i thought they sounded good enough for the level of sound im trying to get. Im not gonna goto a competition with this or anything i just want some dump, and the owner before me threw some nice speakers in my car already. Just trying to get that updated a lil bit, yuh know? Im not sure what kinda amp they were running on either....what kinda amp should i get to power those two speakers?

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    A few comments if you want me two cents.

    -Having a budget is good but as others have said, you'll probably go over. There will always be little stuff that will be needed. Cables and wires, wood and/or fiberglass, etc.

    -I'd go with the OPUS. Yeah it's a good bit of money but it'll work better than the invertor (with startup and shutdown, voltage control, and interferrence).

    -That 1000watt amp is probably 1000watts X 1 @ 2ohms. Wattage isn't everything. Quality is better. My Pioneer GM-5000T puts out 480x2 and my subs hit really hard. It was less than $100 new on Ebay. Subs are Pioneer 12s shallow mount which take up very little run and only need .6 to .8 cubic feet of airspace. I've also got a Pioneer GM-6000F which is 780x4 that drive my Pionner 6x8 3-ways in the front and 4-ways in the back. System gets plenty loud.

    Oh well, I'm done typing for the time being. Good luck.

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    for a good deal, look for jbl 1200.1, since you need 400 watts a piece for those audio bahns, that is the amp you want, it is an awesome amp, and since it is like 2-3 years, old you can get one for about 200, i seriously doubt, the audiobahn, can handle 400 watts a piece all day long, i was going to buy an audiobahn, but sound quality sucks, it will bump the **** out of you, but it will sound like ***, so if you want to impress other, go with audiobahn, if you want to impress your self, go with jl audio, infinity, idq, or even rf, which isn't that great for quality, mb quartz is nice

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    YAY my settlement is going to be ALOT more then i expected. I now have about 1,500 bux to spend on my car.

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    Having inverter for powering is no good

    It's like this- if you just want to get a computer in your car, go ahead and buy an opus and all the other foolproof stuff. On the other hand, if you're good with electronics and you like to experiment, go ahead and put the combination together that you want.

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    woah! Ladies, Gentlemen! ........seems like people are getting a little over emotional in here today! (sorry, am a noob, should prob just shut up!)

    I've found this forum to be great over the past few months - - - daft Q's get lol's and pointed to FAQ's ........reasonable Q's get answers.............please, dont let this deteriorate into a *****ing session!!!!

    if you've not got anything helpful to say,.......say nothing.

    just my 0.02


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