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Thread: Is it possible to replace the original remote eye? (Lilliput VGA)

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    That's definitely a lilliput

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    Quote Originally Posted by eatyummypuppies
    So I gather that you took all the buttons off to save space, but now you want the IR sensor back so you can use the remote?

    Why not put the whole board (with the buttons) back, desolder the IR sensor, extend the sensor with some wire and just hide the board somewhere? Is it really that tight that can't find a place to hide the buttons?
    This is exactly the solution I took. Also, if you don't want the buttons, you can just cut off the edges of the button board leaving only the ribbon connector and IR sensor. As EYP said, you can then extend the sensor with some wire.

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    You can either do that, or go Rube Goldberg and use a fiber optic cable.

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