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Thread: video card questions

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    Post video card questions

    well. ive finally gotten around to getting parts for this little project i've embarked on. anyway, i have an old diamond viper v330 card with s-video and rca video out. if all goes according to plans i will have a sharp 6.4 tft in the dash.

    now for the question...

    i know when you have it hooked up to both a monitor and a tv, you have to right click on the wallpaper and select it to switch to the tv output. if i were to have it just hooked up using the tv out, can i have it default to the tv out so i dont have to switch it manually. currently this card is in a old computer i have sitting under my desk at home, so i might get some time to test the video output but, since im at work now, i thought i would see if anyone knows about it.



    oh, and if this one definately wont work for what im trying to do, please suggest some video cards that will. i should have an atx mobo, with pci and agp so i can use either.
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    Check in the video card settings. You should be able to select monitor, video out, or both. I've never heard of having to right click on the wallpaper to select an output. With my AIW I keep it set to both, that way I never have to change the settings. M.A.V.I.C. System
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