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Thread: Another Nifty Idea

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    I dont think any vette came with steering wheel controls but if i were to take the steering wheel out of a 02 GP could I make it work?

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    This product is made by PAC. . This is what I use in my Yukon. It does work really well. I have it programed to work with seven of the buttons on my steering wheel. I can pretty much control all the functions that I need from the steering wheel.
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    Hi all, I've come acroos something like that too, but a little's the "Varad PAC Racerboy SK-1" Shift Knob Controller. It replaces your floor shifter. I haven't tried it, I'm still trying to rationalize the cost of $80!!!

    It's available at crutchfield and places like that...

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    I agree with Mantis. This is just one of those touches that really make the carputer feel integrated into your vehicle.

    I'm using a Pac Swi-X with a free serial ir remote that came with my old hauppage tv tuner. The software I use is uICE or girder. Girder is nice because it supports both tapping buttons and holding buttons (meaning you can program different commands for each), but uICE is nice because the buttons come preprogrammed with basic operation and it resumes from hibernate.

    The keys are mapped so that when the seek buttons when tapped focus on the winamp executable and press the keyboard shortcut for next/back. The volume keys are mapped to the master os volume. And the mode button is used as Alt-tab to quickly switch between copilot/winamp. The nice thing is, if I'm using copilot gps, I can still use the remote to change mp3 tracks without switching windows and can quickly change the volume without the touchscreen distractions.

    It an awesome input device, and if you have steering wheel controls available, I strongly encourage you to try it.

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