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Thread: almost perfect case

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    almost perfect case

    I was surfing around trying to find something about the opus PS, and i found this guy's carputer, and the case really hit me as perfect, take a look at what he has done, it could be the best idea for those of you who dont want to shell out 70-100 bones for a case

    Guy's site:


    Im not trying to take any credit for finding this box or anything incase that guy that runs this site posts here, i thought that i would just share.

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    Pretty much the same case that I used, but I chose the smaller one and then made it smaller still.
    They are perfectly adequate, and cheap.
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    do u think we can fit it in a din space?

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    No, I do not think it will fit in a single-DIN. The single din is 2" height. And if the case is more then 7" deep, it will be too much.
    My case is 7 x 7 x 2 and is from DidgiKey. Check it out here

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