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Thread: finding out the largest hdd that a laptop will take

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    finding out the largest hdd that a laptop will take

    Hi all
    I have to replace the hdd in my ibm thinkpad 1200 i series (1161 25m), and after a couple of hours of searching google and the ibm web site, i still havent found information on the largest hdd it will take.

    The existing (dead) 6 gig drive is the same physical size as the new drives i am looking at, although they are ata-6 not ata-4 like the old one but i understand that i _shouldnt_ have problems in that area. I just want to know if my bios revision (1.00j) and/or my hardware will take it.

    I tried emailing ibm, they responded with a page that had hdd's they used to be able to sell me as a replacement, not the answer to my question....

    Anyone got any ideas on how to find this info?

    Oh and i am putting linux on it. I have noticed that linux tends to not believe the bios, so if the bios thinks the the hdd it 12 gig instead of the 40 gig one, it doesnt matter. as long as it starts to boot, i should be sweet. maybe.
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    Well,as far as buying a higher data transfer rate driver, ata-100 or whatever and down grading to a lower speed from my experience has never been a problem.

    Size, the maximum laptop disk size available is 80gbs. since the computer came with a 6gb drive, forgetting any bios technicalities from those days, the lba bios adjustment shouldbe able to handle right up to 80gigs would be my assumption. If not, there are so called hard drive bioses that will fix the problem of a computer bios not recognizing the full size.

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    Even better, stick w/ that drive and buy a cheap desktop drive and put it in an external enclosure, USB 2.0. It's super fast, much cheaper, and you get a lot more space.

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