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Thread: Quick USB Splicing Question

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    Question Quick USB Splicing Question

    Would splicing two USB cables together to make one long cable result in any significant signal degradation (staying under the 16' limit)? Would just the 4 wires have to be spliced, or the shielding as well?

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    I would splice all the cables together if possible. In fact I would just buy the correct length cable to ensure data integrity. If this is USB 1.1 you may get away with it, but USB2, no chance.
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    I have sucessifuly spliced an USB extension cable, which was originally 1.8m, to 3.5m using 4-way shielded cable, for use with an IR receiver/transmitter (Tira-1). I have spliced the shield as well. A piece of shielded cable is normally cheaper than another USB cable.

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    You guys are freaking cheap. You can get a 10ft USB 2.0 extention cable for $2.00 with free shipping. Developer (I am Chuck)
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