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Thread: Where to get MB riser screws/spacers?

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    Where to get MB riser screws/spacers?

    I need to get a hole of some riser/spacers for my VIA M10000 MB. I'm building a custom case now and I lost the original ones. Anyone know where I can get these?
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    I get 'em at Frys, most computer places like CompUSA should have them too if their builder's department is well stocked.

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    also try a Mom and Pop computer store.
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    go here and search on standoffs

    they have EVERYTHING

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    If you are building a custom case, you could either:

    Use one screw and 3 nuts for each mb hole like this: Insert screw on case wall from the outside; fasten it to the case with a nut; insert another nut to some distance from the case; put the mb; fasten it to the second nut with the third nut.

    Or you could cut spacers from a plastic ball-pen and use one screw, one plastic spacer and one nut per mb hole. That's what I did in my plexiglass case.

    These solutions have an advantage in that you don't need to tap the case holes.

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    When I worked at a computer store we had so many screws and spacers we were throwing them out, if you just ask a local computer store that is not a compusa they will probably give them to you for free.

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    Search for standoffs on ebay cause it's cheaper.

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