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Thread: Need urgent help to buy radio e antenna

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    Need urgent help to buy radio e antenna

    i'm going to do the coast to coast of canada, and i need some suggestion really quickly, hope u can help me:

    link me pls where i can buy this items:

    1) smallest XM Radio for CarPC

    2) an external small multi antenna for XM/FM/TV/GPS (i'm pretty sure that doesn't exist, but would be fine just some aggregation like XM+GPS and TV+FM, or TV+FM+XMS, ...)

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    Run NetStumbler the whole way too.

    GPS units almost always have a built in antenna, so that shouldn't be a problem.

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    I am thinking about getting this antenna The price is right. That guy has a pretty nice selection too. I like the fact that I can get a longer (10 foot) pigtail for like an extra $1. I was actually suprised nobody has linked to him before.

    As far as FM/TV, I am using my car's antenna for both. My card has seperate spots to plug in 2 antennas for FM and TV but when I connected the car's antenna to the FM coaxial connector, the TV came in as well so I have left it like that.
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