I've searched this for 2 days and I'm about to do this experiment.

I purchased an open box Kenwood changer/aux input (CA-C1AUX). Even though my Kenwood is listed as compatible, this unit does not work. So I can either return it and purchase the $80 cd changer adapter or I can go on my research and do a $20 experiment.

Soooo, I've found that I need to connect pin 3 to pin 9. This will stop telling it to look for a changer. Here's my question: I see that the last connections I need are for pin 2, 8, 12. Does this mean that I need to connect 2, 8, 12 all together? Or, since it already has the rca's on this unit, just worry about pins 3 and 9? Finally, do I just leave all of the other pins alone?

To refresh anyone's memory, these are a couple of the past threads that I found. Thanks.

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