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Thread: USB FM/AM tuner with RDS/RBDS

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    cheap custom title JC-S60's Avatar
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    Mar 2004
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    If it could have DAB, RDS and FM, I will be buying at least 2!

    It should work in belgium, that's the only catch (I only see DAB for USA listed)


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    Maximum Bitrate
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    Jun 2004
    The North, Manchester
    DAB for us from UK / Europe sounds great XM for those in US??

    Throw away your D-Links people (cos there crap) and a saviour has arrived!!

    Seriously this is what EVERYONE with a car-puter has been waiting for to enable them to bin factory HU's - as said cable connectors for attenna is a must - not sure about in the states but UK / EU cars canhave differant types of connectors - i have only seen two - seperate models?? since messing about with connectors and soldering is prob halfthe reason for d-links crap reception i trust the module with be properly insulated to recieve at least = to facorty HU reception??

    On board signal amp to boost reception??

    Please make it happen - you would be a rich man!!


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    How about HD radio support?
    Would that make it too big?

    How about an aux input for a possible aftermarket HD radio unit?

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    Man, I want one, too!

    Anybody else notice that this is sounding a lot like another thread (about a product in the design phase) that recently was deleted? Seth, you should ask zip-lock for permission for this thread to continue before we invest a lot of time and suggestions just to see the thread deleted.

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    What are those needs? (post what features you'd like to see integrated)
    That's the most important feature for me!
    Seriously, when something like that costs over 100,- $/E, don't count me in.

    it might be cool to have a scaner function to listen for police
    Excactly what I wanted to say!

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    I vote for USB digital audio too.
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    would this mean you could capture the fm or AM signal into a mp3 type format?
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    i'd hit one up...DIGITAL AUDIO not analog out if at all possible!
    CarPC install is starting to come along again...

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    Quote Originally Posted by sabre
    would this mean you could capture the fm or AM signal into a mp3 type format?
    You can already do this with any radio card, although having RDS may help a bit in creating per song mp3s, theres no reason why you can't directly record whats being input into your sound card from any radio card. Developer (I am Chuck)
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    I dont so much care if its digital or analog, but I would think some people want either one or the other; could you do both on the same piece?

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