Ok So Im most of the way there now i have my lilliput 7 inch touch mounted on a 24 inch gooseneck mount mounted on the front left bolt of the passenger seat. It doesnt interfere with the passenger, it is at perfect level and using the touch is more comfortable than if it was mounted below where it is natural to just tap the screen. OK but on to my questions.

Im thinking of installing a backup camera in my car and i found a few on ebay that are mini RCA cameras. Im thinking of running the RCA video straight to the video port on my lilliput. Where is the usual place that people mount their cameras. I was thinking of putting it in my tail light casing but i didnt want to have to drill a hole into it.

Sencond question is about possibilities for a DVD-rom drive. If i have a regular size IDE drive will this be a problem because of bumpyness in the car. I have an '04 Envoy and the ride is pretty smooth but im not sure how much a drive can handle. Now ive heard that you should mount hard drives vertically but not DVD drives. Are there better ways to mount it so that it wont skip?

Ok so i will keep you guys updated with pics and stuff on my project. Also if anyone wants to post any links on where to buy some of these peripheral devices that would be great.