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Thread: Laptop parts in a desktop

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    Laptop parts in a desktop

    My laptop's motherboard got fried. I was wondering if I can use the pieces of the laptop in a desktop motherboard. It would be cheaper. I have a Combo CD/DVD drive, a floppy drive, touchpad, keyboard, harddisk and processor, video card, which I would like to salvage. If not, can I buy like a generic laptop motherboard or something that I can work with? And if yes to any of the questions, can you tell me where to look. Thanks guys.

    Thanks again.

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    Generic Laptop mobo - Nope. Never heard of em anyway.

    Salvaging parts - CD/DVD Drive + hard drive + floppy possible, using 3.5"-2.5" converters which can be bought for about 3.00 each ($5 ish)

    As for keyboard, cpu, video card - dont think so. CPU May be a standard cpu, ie socket 7 or something, but keyboards are connected via ribbon cable direct to mobo etc and would not work.

    To be totally honest i recon u r wasting ur time. Here are some desktop prices:
    CD-RW/DVD Drive = 15.00 ($25 ish)
    20gig HDD = 40 ($70 ish)
    Mobo & CPU = 150 approx ($280)
    video card = from 15 ($30)

    The rest is cheap also. Its up to you but i know i wouldnt bother!

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    processor, dvd drive, hard drive, floppy are probably useable. What kind of processor is it?
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