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Thread: Pioneer IP-Bus Questions

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    Smile Pioneer IP-Bus Questions

    I have a Pioneer Premier head unit and am interested in trying to use the IP-Bus interface for my MP3 player.

    I searched the archives and the closest thing I found was some documentation of which pins on the IP-Bus connector are for audio, etc. There was mention of reverse engineering this interface back in September, but I didn't see any details posted back to the forum...

    Just wondering, does anyone know anything about the protocol used? I wanted to try using the interface for control and display information.

    Also, my headunit has DSP built into, which seems to work on the analog inputs (IP bus, FM radio, etc) so I am thinking it may use ADCs to get the analog singals into the digital domain for processing..... so I was thinking it might be possible to bypass the ADC for the aux input and feed in PCM (using SPDIF decoder chip, etc) from the SPDIF output of my MP3 player. Anyone done anything like this?

    I have a Pionner DEX-P1R BTW.

    Any info is greatly appreciated.



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    All I have to say is that I own a premier DEX-P1R and that head unit kicks ***!!


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