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Thread: MINI ITX board

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    MINI ITX board

    i have the epia m9000 and it always freezes maybe 40-50% of the time.

    i wanted to ask you guys if the freezing is caused by the MB, or maybe the memory (i have 256)?

    is the pentium 4 mini itx more reliable and stable?

    pls help.

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    Could be one of them, both or something else.

    Try to troubleshoot it before you replace it with some other config.

    Replace the mem and test. Run another hdd or change software config (one test at a time, so you know who's the cultprit).

    Good luck!

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    I have had my MII 10000 for a while now and no problems. I have found that one of the best solutions is to make sure your software is set up right before you start using it. Here is the process I use on setting up a system. It seems to work the best and have had very little problems.

    Fresh install Windows, as soon as its done load drivers in this order:

    Motherboard Chipset Drivers
    IDE or Raid Drivers
    Modem / NIC
    and then any other drivers

    Making sure that you restart windows after everyone, Also make sure you are using the newest drivers off of the manufactures website.

    After you are done with the drivers, Run windows update to make sure you have the newest updates for your OS.

    I normally then like using the system for a while like this before installing any new programs to make sure the system is stable, then install other software.

    It could very well be the hardware, I have seen many memory related problems with cheap memory, sometimes its hard to tell unless you have other hardware to test it with the motherboard.
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