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Thread: Belkin Bluetooth GPS w/ software for $140

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    Belkin Bluetooth GPS w/ software for $140

    Got this deal from FW. Goes for $180 at and there MSRP is $399.

    Shows $399 but there is a $260 off coupon code: 82242

    I think shipping is a bit expensive too. Thought I would share for those who want to go the bluetooth route.

    <I cannot recommend this product as I have not heard reviews>
    <I personally have the ebay GPS mouse, shipped from Hong Kong for $68>

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    does anyone have this - is it good - i was concerned about battery life - and in general how to use bluetooth with software. I don't want to be locked into whatever software they have, so how compatible is the bluetooth stuff - I am using only in a laptop environment.

    thanks in advance

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