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    Question motherboard questions

    I'm looking to make a new setup. I'm looking for a motherboard with sound built in, not hard to find now a days, but also with a good video card built in for hardware dvd decoding and also like NTSC out or video out to go to a new lcd screen I'm gonna get. I'd like to have it all built right into the mother board to make it slimmer. Anyone know of any?

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    I don't know of any boards which incorporate hardware DVD decoding, but check out the Shuttle FV24. It is one of the few boards on the market to include TV out. As long as you use a fairly powerfull CPU, you should be fine with software DVD decoding.
    If you are looking for a low cost solution, some OEM motherboards used to use the ATI Rage chipsets with hardware DVD decoding and some of the ones used in Compaq Pressarios included TV out support - I'd check E-Bay or your local computer liquidator. I have a Presario 5250 (AMD K6-2 400) with this chipset, and it does a good job of decoding DVDs, plus it supports TV out with a special cable (which I don't have).
    Another good solution would be to get a motherboard with built in sound and then get an AGP right angle adapter like one of these ones. This would allow you to use an AGP card and still have a slim system. Most of the recent ATI AGP card include TV out and hardware DVD decoding.
    As an aside, does anyone know if there's a motherboard based on the new nVidia chipset (for Socket A) with TV out? The motheboards have GeForce2 graphics built in, they would be great for carputers if they had TV out as well!


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