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Thread: Rca Sound card

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    Rca Sound card

    has anyone used these. I saw one on ebay a few weeks ago that had 2 sets of rca outs. Id like some feedback on these. I not sure but the 1/8 to rca converter just looks like sound quality problems. Please correct me if Im wrong and all ideas or opinions are welcome

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    I use 1/8 to rca converter no trouble at all. I had one and used it, no money spent
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    well look at this. this is what i was going to buy. Any advantages or diadvantages. does the 1/8 to rca spliter loose Balance or fade??

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    I can't rate the card, but for $145.00, I think you may want to pass. You can get the Creative USB Audigy2 NX for like $80-$90 and that has 3 RCA outputs (I believe)...Just my $0.02
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