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Thread: Tiny Battery to keep car puter on standby without battery drain for faster music...

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    Tiny Battery to keep car puter on standby without battery drain for faster music...

    Anyone come up with any good ways to keep the car puter in standby (at least over a 12 hour period) without putting too much drain on the car battery? Like a small secondary battery? I was thinking about this so I wouldn't have to deal with booting windows constantly and have music instantly (or close to it) any ideas?
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    There are numerous threads describing everyone's experience with the installation of secondary batteries.....
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    The size of the battery required would depend on how many amps your car pc draws. For example, my setup uses an inverter which (according to the manual) draws <0.7amps without a load, therefore just to sustain the inverter (with nothing connected to it) for 10 hours I would need a 7ah (amp hour) battery. As fas as wiring it goes I suggest you look at threads for tank circuits.

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