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    Lightbulb wireless keyboard

    Does anyone know of a small wireless keyboard? Where can i get one?

    And for those of you have one, Where do you keep it in the car? Where did you put the IR receiver?


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    Im using an Acer Airkey.. its tiny like a laptop keyboard.. you can also use the keys on the numeric keypad by pressed a 'function' key and then pressing keys that represent the number pad numbers (if you saw it, you'd get what i mean).. I put the reciever between the console and the passenger seat and it picks up the keypad in the driver & passenger hands pretty good.. the keyboard also has a little mouse-like-joystick thing that is handy as well.
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    Post also has a wireless keyboard that is compact and has a built-in mouse joystick, that is a condensed 88 key laptop configuration. Called the 'Airboard', i got mine last September for $32.00 US.

    I built my RF receiver into the top of my display console, as can be seen below. (the keyboard shown is not the keyboard used, that's my spare computer wireless board, definitely inferior to the 'Airboard')

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