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Thread: BIOS sees secondary IDE DVD, but XP does not...?

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    Question BIOS sees secondary IDE DVD, but XP does not...?

    I'm kind of stumped on this one. The BIOS sees the DVD ROM I have installed on the secondary IDE port on my M10000 (It allowed me to install XP from it)

    But for some reason when I boot to XP I do not see it in explorer? I did see it once, and then it disappeared again

    The Device Manager says the secondary IDE is working properly. Does anyone have any ideas? It may be a bad IDE cable so I am going to buy a new one later, but since the BIOS can see the DVD I am doubting the cable is at fault.

    EDIT: Its a LG Drive, model DRN-8080B
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    DVD drive firmware?
    Run the new-hardware config utility.

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    Boot to safe mode and see if it's available... remove it there and reboot. The only thing I can think of.

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