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    power button

    Is there any way to make this happen:

    I want to have a carputer where it is possible to make it so that it doesnt turn on unless I press a power button on my dash. I want it to be able to turn on when i have the key in I or II position but also during crank etc. Ive built computers before. Basically I am asking if I can make a button that works the same as a PC's power switch is if it was plugged into an AC power source similar to a typical desktop. WHAT WILL I NEED AND WHERE CAN I GET IT? ANY info is GREATLY appreciated. THANKS!

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    How do you plan on powering your car pc (inverter, opus, etc)?

    I have made an educated guess that you are planning on wiring your car pc using an inverter (please correct me if i am wrong). So what you could do is replace/move the inverter switch up to the front or use a relay to trigger it.

    I have included some very basic schematics of how everything would be connected. Basically the carputer will only start when the key is in the ignition with the acc line is powered AND the switch you install is on.

    Also I believe you will have to short the contacts the "on" contacts on your motherboard and/or set your bios to "Boot After Power Failure". Or something like that some other member may be able to help with this bit.

    Also check the Schematics/Pin Outs/Diagrams Thread for some useful schematics!
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