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Thread: Lilliput screen problem

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    So your telling me the LCD he bought from here ( is a used LCD that obviously was sent out broken? I thought that if you bought it here it was guaranteed new and tested??
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    Had a reply from, asking me to return just the screen for a straight replacement, which I am doing tonight. The screen and packaging was IMHO brand new, unused and I assume tested before shipping, so I can only assume the damage occured during transit from USA to UK.

    The Jurassic Park logo is apparently a factory test logo.

    So far good customer service from, albeit a longer than expected reply to emails. I just hope they can get me a screen replacement quickly.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Neil T

    well thanks for the replies folks

    Final question is - I have a contact number for but not sure what timezone their office is - can anyone tell me so I know what time to call and sort this out? I assume I should be able to have them collect this unit and refund the cost.



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