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Thread: Stupidme, USB 1.1 Micro Hub

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    Stupidme, USB 1.1 Micro Hub

    So I got all giddy becasue I finally found a micro hub for 16 bucks, bought it , open it, see that it is a magical 1.1

    I don't have too much USB experience (takes me awhile to upgrade my home PCs ) Is this something that I should definitely go with a 2.0 Microhub?

    Or will I be OK if I use the 1.1? I know its slower, but I dont know by how much and I dont know if speed is the only downfall???

    I plan on using a USB 802.11g adapter, Touchscreen, GPS, and someday maybe a DVD drive.... ? Thoughts?

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    judo i can stupidme to my self also i just paid $11 or mine on ebay. and adobe is giving one out for free
    check it out now i am going to have two.

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    you may find that the 1.1 hub wont work too well with a dvd player. I don't know what the transfer requirements are but I read on here that it won't work. Also,you may have to power a 2.0 hub to get the data transfer rate you want. For connecting appliances like a mouse or a powermate,1.1 is fine, for transfering large amounts of music, you may want the 2.0

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    dont use 1.1 by all means it prolly wont even be able to read dvds in an external reader, you'll get away with the gps mouse (it'll have a slower refresh rate) and the 802.11g should be fine i believe its only 54 mbps. btw USB 2.0 Supports speeds up to 480mpbs, and since your new to USB dont run any cables longer than 16 feet, or suffer loss of data

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    I may be wrong on this but if memory serves me correctly, USB 1.1 is somewhere around 12Mbps. 802.11g is around 54Mbps so it doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me to use a USB 802.11g adapter on a USB 1.1 hub, might as well save yourself a couple of bucks and go 802.11b. If I'm wrong on the throughput speeds someone please correct me.

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    why buy a 11b, instead of keepin the 11g and just getting a inexpensive small 2.0 hubs? tons of people have these things. They arent that expensive.

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    You can get a micro USB 2.0 Hub for $20 and a Sams Club or Costco.
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    USB2.0 hub is sure worth it, Also be sure to check if your system supports USB2.0 first!
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