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Thread: Help on new (perhaps) power up/down design

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    Help on new (perhaps) power up/down design

    Hi, i'm new and this is my first post, so be gentle

    I was pondering on elegant power up.down design for my
    CarPuter . It's in finish design phase when i saw this site,
    so i have been changing everything from your experience...

    The idea is:
    The computer should became active on any user activity in the car.
    Any means regular using in entering driving.

    Laptop System!

    Set the computer to Standby on 10 min.
    Set the computer to Hybernate on 1h.

    This would not drain battery to much and allow me the next
    The essential is this.

    I want the computer to reactivate on Drivers Dor opening/closing
    and to stays awake while ingnition is on...

    I was thinking to do the following:

    If the door opens there are 2 that may happen:
    1. the computer is turned on (not hybernating)
    - Pres any key - let's say Z
    2. the computer if of (is hybernating)
    - Press the power key to wake it..

    While the key is in the ignition (or the contact is on)
    Press any key (let's say again Z) every 5 mins to
    keep the computer awake.

    Now, how do i do this. I have basic electrical knowledge.
    But i'm professional programer and am designign a 3 key
    complete operational interface for CarPuters and the software to
    do virtuali anything with it (wait and see).
    So a preety 'complete' explanation is what i need

    Thanks a lot and hope i did not bored you with long post and bad english...

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    What I would like to design someday is a device that would 'wake' the carputer whenever you press the 'door open' or 'door lock' on the key fob. This is the factory key fob not really after market alarm. This would wake the carputer for about 10 minutes allowing you to download MP3s to the HD. After the 10 min it would hibernate again.
    Carputer currently 'ghettoed' into car!!!

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    Ampie Case with rigged extra USB
    Hitachi 60GB
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    Lilliput 7" touchscreen
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    choyak, actually that would be possible if it was atermarker. After mareket alarms have a option of sending a signal to a 'auxlliary' device. If this device was a shutdown controler of some sort, it could prompt the system to come on, when the software is done downloading everything, it would prompt the system to hibernate.

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