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Thread: Compaq LTE Elite Modifications

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    Compaq LTE Elite Modifications

    So here's the deal. I drive a '92 Toyota Paseo. I also happen to have a Compaq LTE Elite laptop, a GPS unit in my garage, a wireless mouse/keyboard combo, enough computer pieces to put a full tower together, and a hell of a lot of spare time on my hands, for the time being. If you can't see where I'm going with this, I'm looking to build a car computer. I still have a few problems, though, the most important of which is the display.

    I plan on taking the monitor from the LTE Elite and sticking that on a movable mount that will stick out of the dashboard. I would put it in the dashboard and remove the CD player, radio, and whatnot, but the stick would get in the way of the monitor, and I wouldn't be able to see it. This adds two complications: I need both the existing CD player and radio as well as the computer to interface with the car's speakers. Also, I'll need some sort of moveable mount for the monitor. Aside from this, I'm not sure how to interface the monitor with a standard VGA port. See the diagram below. The red line represents the ribbon that plugs into the monitor, mouse, power inverter, and the laptop's motherboard. The blue one represents a wire that goes from the monitor to the power inverter.
        |       |    
      __|monitor|___[power inverter]
     |  |_______|    |
     |              _|__[mouse]
     laptop mobo
    Where can I find information on how to convert this cable to a standard VGA connector? What about that power inverter? Where can I find a mount, or directions on how to make one? And, how can I hook both the existing CD player and radio up to the speakers at the same time as the computer?

    As far as sound goes, will I need an amp the plug my speakers into the computer and have sound over 3dB?

    As you can see in the diagram, there is a mouse attached to the same cable as the monitor. It is incredibly small - only about 2cm by 4cm. It would be great to hook that up to something like a RF remote...

    I also pulled a slim line floppy drive off of the laptop, with a ribbon interface. It's only a little bigger than a disc itself. That would also be cool to put in.

    So basically, through all this ranting, I'm just looking for someone who either knows how to interface hardware or where to find out how to do just that, among a few other things. As far as my electronic experience goes, I'm not exactly a guru, but I am pretty savvy.

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    Well, I found a technical manual at HP's web site, but there is nothing there about the monitor cable, which they call the Display Cable. I haven't looked at the floppy or mouse cables yet, although the mouse cable is technically part of the display cable. Google didn't give me any good results. Anyone else find anything?

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    No one?

    I knew this was a long shot, but I have nowhere else to go. I've been to Google, Radioshack, and the local electronics shops. They all say to contact the manufacturer for a pin diagram. HP now owns Compaq, and HP sucks for support. As I said, they have the technical manual, but it doesn't say anything about the LTE Elite. And HP's tech support - through e-mail or phone - doesn't even support the laptop anymore.

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