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Thread: rear mounted installation

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    rear mounted installation

    hello everyone,

    For those with systems mounted in the trunk or the cargo area of their vehicles, how are you hooking up the USB and the VGA part of the monitor (or other devices) to the USB port of the PC?

    I have been looking around and have found some 10' USB 2.0 and VGA cable. However, I don't think that it will be enough to reach the cargo area of my 4runner. I thought about hooking 2 extensions cable together, but fear that this would decrease the data speed.

    I also thought about using a USB hub in the front, but I would still need a considerable amount of cable to reach the hub from the rear of the 4runner to the front of the vehicle.

    Any suggestions?


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    Any suggestion?


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    I am runing 16 feet without issues, what data speed are concerned about? if you are placing a CD/DVD player & TS in the front, there should not be an issue with data speed. Those are "slow" devices.

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    If you have a USB cable with a repeater or put a USB hub at the other end you can have huge USB lengths with no data loss or decreased performance.
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    When I firsted ordered my cables I think I got either a 12' or 16' VGA cable. This was three years ago so I can't remember for sure but it was longer than 10'. I also had at least 10' of PS/2 and Serial (DB-9). So if you think you need that it's out there. You can also couple, as well. I ended having to wrap some cables because I moved the PC position and they were too big. But like I said in my earilier post the only way to know (or at least have an good idea) of how long of a run you will need is to measure.

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