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Thread: tablet PC

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    UPDATE: AUGUST 20, 2006


    BAD TIMES!!!

    i ordered some needed parts from ebay. they arrived earlier in the week. i was all set this weekend to continue to hack and slash and mod my carputer setup. and then yesterday...

    i got in a car accident.


    long story short. driving down a 4 lane one way street. left lane is a left turn only lane. second lane (my lane) is thru traffic. lane to my right is thru traffic. right lane is right turn only lane. the gentleman to my right proceeds to not do a shoulder check and turns left across TWO lanes of traffic including my lane. i slam on teh breaks but not in enough time. i T-bone into him. smashing up the front of my car and the drivers side of his.


    ive never been in an accident before so this is scary. my car is smashed its wedged the other cars drivers door shut. i dont want to move the car untill the cops arrive. im all freaked out and scared.

    turns out the driver is names Micheal, he is a 24 year old german tourist with two other german girls in the car. its a rental car from the dealer NOT ONE BLOCK from the accident. he didnt even make it 2 city blocks before the crash.

    needless to say this ruined their holiday. his insurance will cover my damage as he was at fault. but being the kind hearted Canadian that me and my family are. we invite them over for dinner and to stay the night since they cant travel to their hotel which they booked. my sister is even trying to set one of the girls up with a job since she wants to stay in Canada for a year.


    so i did say long story short but i lied.

    here is the short version.

    Car crash = car in teh shop for 2 weeks = no car computer updates for ~2weeks = SUPER LAME

    /end rant

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    Car Fixed... though not quite perfectly but then again its ICBC...

    did a little work today on the install
    bonded the two halves of the dash together with methyleen chloride (sp?) its basically plastic welder melts the plastic togther to one solid piece. The guy at the plastic shop suggested it

    reinforced with a little good old fasioned 5minute epoxy.
    here is where i stand

    screen half and climate control half are bonded togther. not super pretty right now but a tonne of bondo and a bucket of elbow grease sould make it ok looking.

    yes i know its crooked.. trust me in the car it will work better that way the dash has a weird lean to it anyways.

    ps: you can see my girlfriends feet in the last shot...

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    icbc sucks huge ones

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    thats it im out

    its all broken
    ive spent like $1000.00 with nothing to show for it except a hole in my dash

    if anyone wants to buy the guts from 3 Fujitsu Stylistic 3500 tablets, or my dash its got a 10.4" hole for a screen and the climate controls all work

    if you have a pontiac and want a big screen it could work. I dont have the money or the effort left to keep working on this if i change my mind or win teh lottery i will start again but for now its over

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    If the 3500X LCD screen is still working, I may take it off your hands.
    HARDWARE: Fujitsu Stylistic ST5111w/WiFi and dock, internal Hitachi 500G HD, external 1TB HD, Sierra Wireless Aircard 550, DVD-RW, BoomzBox HD radio, XM Commander, Delorme GPS, Saitek X-52 Pro joystick, BluSoleil Bluetooth, TPMS, FB, Elm327

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    the screen is kinda working kinda not.

    when its all hooked up i can see the pixels change and there are some geometric shapes that get drawn and it seems to be "working" its not cracked or anything and it looks like there is some meaning behind the patterns but i cannot get it to draw windows or a BIOS post screen or anything. i will try and take a picture of what its doing when i get off work.

    3x Fujitsu Stylistic 3500 tablet PC's 500mhz PIII Celeron (2 with broken lcds, 1 lcd unknown) 2 good touchscreens

    1HDD cady w/10GB 2.5" drive

    3x sticks 256MB ram

    best offer takes it

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