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Thread: tablet PC

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    tablet PC *UPDATE: Installing in Dash*

    ***August 20, 2006***
    page 3, car crash! OH NO!!

    **Thread Updated July 2006
    go to page 2 to see more photos and build log**

    *Sept 27*
    *pics uploaded*

    this is what i just bought to turn into an mp3 jukebox

    slower then an epia but less expencive and with a screen and touch

    hopefully it will work ok

    gonna throw in a bigger HDD and depending on how crap-tastic the sound is throw in a USB audio (zalman)

    hopefully the screen is bright enough

    its transflective so it should be "OK" i think

    well see ill keep posting about status

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    Well, most tablet PCs use a touchscreen method that requires a stylus. I'm really not sure how useful that would be in a car, if you have to pick up the stylus first before clicking something. Or, maybe I'm overreacting to the difficulty

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    its a resistive touchscreen so it doesnt require a active stylus
    im pretty confident that i should just be able to tap the screen and it should respond

    or at least thats the hope

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    Oh, I didn't read the specs link on the Fujitsu page...yeah, it does say resistive. Hopefully it works. That does look like a pretty cool solution

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    wow, definately a very cheap alternative if everything works out for you
    mobo $130 ; 150wOpus-$200 ; 256mb pc2700 -$10 ; 120gb HDD 7200-$70 ; Lilliput TS 7"-$265 ; USB LAN-Free AR ; Rikaline 6010 GPS-$34 ; ShuttleXpress-$37
    Total = $746....Carputer = Priceless

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    Damn, cheaper than mine, and mine isn't even touchscreen and look at my crappy specs! Way to go
    00 Saturn SL2, boosted @ 8 psi - CarDomain
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    My 2nd carputer - b4 I broke the touchscreen
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    scary that it looks b/w in the pic. hope it's color like the writeup says

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    I just picked up a Motion Computing M1400 to use a different way. Permanently mounted the car computer, now using the tablet as a wireless remote control. Just to be able to control everything on the car from 20+ feet away.
    Currrent items to add:
    Open/Close the doors, hood, and hatch (individually)
    control the radio
    remote start the car
    slide seats forward, backward
    motorized amp racks, interior speakers, and sub box
    pretty much anything you can turn a switch on/off

    Hope to use the biometric scanning feature to make it only work for a person with the right fingerprint (encrypt the programs).

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    I also have an HP tablet PC. To be honest I can't see it being used in as a car PC simply because It's heavy, hard to mount and inaccurate with the stylus pen.

    You're better up setting up some IR device to control the PC.

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    i havent recieved it yet so i have no final say on how it will work

    its got a transflective screen so it should work well indoor and out

    total weight is somthing like 3.2lbs. so thats not too bad

    im a pretty crafty guy im sure i can manage to mount it in the car somehwere and the connection to the existing stock stereo will be easy (no aux in) so im going to solder a line into the preamp stage of the circuitry

    im also hopeing it will come in handy for university, taking notes, scribbling diagrams and since my school is going all wifi i should have internet anywhere i go with a 802.11 card

    ill let you all know how it progresses once it gets here

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