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Thread: Radio-Man java control class

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    Radio-Man java control class

    If anyone is interested, I wrote a java class for the radioman serial controlled am/fm tuner. I'm thinking about doing a windows dll and linux .so for use in linking to carpc apps. Just gauging interest here so let me know.

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    I have a VB.NET one that works ... but I never quite finished it -- it could use a little cleaning up.

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    The dll I'm writting is in c++ so it will have the greatest level of compatability across development platforms. It is very simple has only 9 methods that need to be called after instaniation. tuneUp, tuneDown, bandToggle, isStereo, directTune, isOn, powerToggle, getFrequency, and getBand. I am thinking about implimenting scan functions as well but that might be a little more tricky as the device doesn't seem as predictable when tunning as I had hoped it would be.

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