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Thread: Starting XWindows w/o Loggin In, Can it be Done???

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    Question Starting XWindows w/o Loggin In, Can it be Done???

    OK this may sound like a really wierd question but I want to know if there is a way to boot linux and start XWindows ( Gnome, KDE or Enlightenment ) without actually logging in. My idea is there is some great software written for linux that would work great in a Car environment such as Mp3 Server Box but I can't get through the login. Any ideas around this, everyone I talk to says theres no way. Anything would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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    Well, you could always have it boot into single user mode (edit inittab for that) and have "startx" run on startup.....

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    The best way is this:
    Setup an account and make sure it has NO password set.

    Then edit your /etc/inittab so you can edit the agetty process on your first virtual console. (You will also want to make sure you start in the multiuser console runlevel, NOT the x runlevel)

    the agetty usually runs login which asks for user/pass.

    If you add the -l option to agetty, you can specify what login program to run and options to pass. Then we can tell login what username to assume.

    agetty (normal options that exist now) -l '/bin/login username'

    OR if you want to use the root user, just add -n after agetty. -n forces login to run as root and not prompt for user/pass (and is less typing)

    if you need a nonroot user, you will have to use the -l option above.

    THen edit that user account's .profile so that

    if [$TTY == tty1]; do

    This way using the virtual console you setup with no pass, it forces X to start.
    any other virtual console (or network) will Not start x and will login as normal.

    With this it should start the sys, login as whatever user, and start x, all without asking for a user/pass.

    This is the method i use.
    I also use root login as my xwin shell i made does not allow easy interaction with anything but it.. and there is no mouse/keyboard (its all touch screen) so security is not an issue.


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