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Thread: Cases?

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    15 Cases?

    Would anyone else be interested in a group effort to design a slim case through, and possibly group buy the finished product? I notice there seems to be a lack of a market for a very small case that will fit just a mini-itx board and a opus power supply.

    If you haven't heard of this place before... you download their CAD software, design what you need, and then get an instant quote. The higher the quantity the cheaper each unit will be.

    So what do you guys say?

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    if u do this, u need to make sure the case is just big enough to support regular ram, not the .8" slim ram...otherwise, the case won't be any better than the casetronics. If it is about the same size as the casetronic but can just fit in that cheaper, more available ram, then it may be a winner

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