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Thread: PAC TR-7 Trigger Module

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    PAC TR-7 Trigger Module

    I couldn't find anyone on mp3car talking about this before so I thought it would be useful to mention.

    It is a 16 mode multi-purpose trigger/pulsing module that can do tons of cool stuff. You can find it online for $18.

    Here is the link:

    The brief overview of what it does is any one of the following:
    Low voltage trigger. Gives you +12v output from headunits that do not have a remote output.
    Alpine Video Bypass (all flip out monitors)
    Latching outputs
    Double Pulse Output
    Pulse Extender
    Horn Honking Output
    Linear Actuator Controller
    Doorlock Pulse Generator
    Channel Splitter
    Pulses to Constant output
    3 in 1 timer outputs
    Pulses to latch/unlatch outputs
    Pulses to pulse output
    Pulses to timed output
    Latching outputs #2.
    Turn on pop delay
    Delayed amp turn off

    Here is the link to the detailed instruction manual:

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    Sorry to resurrect - how did you decide to use this? I'm trying to determine how well it works as a low-voltage trigger.

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    Never had a problem with it and it is cheap. Thats how I decided.

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    new link?

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    These things are great. I use them all the time.

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