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Thread: sound output problems laptop;winamp;iguidance help!

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    sound output problems laptop;winamp;iguidance help!

    I have an older laptop computer that I am using for a temporary solution to my carpc project. I am trying to get everything working on it first BEFORE I start ripping into my dash and spending over $400.00 on a lcd screen.

    My first test was to use Iguidance 2.0 on my way home and do the mapping and navigation etc.. works perfect! Then I instaleld winamp (latest version) and was using it to play cd's and mp3's.. so far so good. However, when I combine the two that is when I have a problem.

    When music is playing through winamp, Iguidance does not make any sounds. It is not that I don't hear them, it is that it flat out doesn't make any noise. No voice navigation stuff. As soon as the song ends It works again.

    So it is if my sound card can only accept one input at a time and if I have two sound applications going at the same time it fails.

    I am running win98SE and right now I am installing winxp to see if it is a operating system problem. Does anyone know how to solve this? Has this happend to you?

    Thanks for any help you could provide.

    Laptop computer Dell Inspiron 7000 Running win98se
    Iguidance 2.0 & Winamp (latest)
    When playing a CD or MP3 with winamp, voice directions from IG2.0 do not work.
    When sound from winamp stops, IG2.0 sound works again.

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    It has to do with winamp using directsound!!!
    Check your output plugins and try every different configuration!!
    Firtsly try using wave out!!!

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    ^^ If that is the case then AWESOME!!!

    Thank you both for taking the time to answer my question. You guys just gave me a burst of energy that may last a whole 2 minutes. Or maybe it was the Pepsi I just had. :-) Either way, I'm going to check it out.

    Thanks again!

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